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Secret casual Kiel
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Of course, it never hurt things that such a personally powerful metaphor came wrapped in stories of ruggedly sexy superpeople who spent their time falling in and out of love with each other whenever they weren't battling giant robots." As for Claremont, he was caught up in these characters just as much as the readers were, and stayed with the X-Men titles until the early 1990s (and returned to the characters several times since).

"I kept running into all these really neat people in the book," he said.

"It's like asking a dad if you have a favorite kid," he said.

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Owen believes that because the books are fictional, those adventures can’t possibly be real.

That is, until he sees Bethany physically go into a book, leaving our “real” world behind.

The characters of Xavier and Magneto have even been compared to the Rev. ' " When asked about the comparisons, Claremont said, regarding his early work in the 1970s, "It was too close.

It had only been a few years since the assassinations. My resonance to Magneto and Xavier was borne more out of the Holocaust.

What you add are the pieces that get you to the point and what happens next.

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